10 Massive Blockchain Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

The fanfare over Bitcoin had people investing in the future of currency.

But what about the framework behind it?

Cryptocurrency is but one aspect of Blockchain technology. Its applications go way beyond purchasing power.

In fact, Blockchain is among the most promising upcoming technologies.

Its uses are vast, and its benefits are many. Most companies are now embracing Blockchain trends. This is because of price reduction, transparency, efficiency, privacy, and decentralization on offer.

Blockchain had a tough time in 2018. Despite this, it is lauded as a technology with huge potential to change day-to-day life.

Companies like IBM and Walmart have been making sound progress. They are confident it offers benefits for organizations looking for innovative solutions.

Blockchain Trends to Watch in 2019

The advent of Blockchain means that there is a huge amount of potential for this technology. Its influence is said to be able to reach every corner of modern life.

Below are some of the examples of what we can expect Blockchain to affect this year.

1. Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain technology is having a great impact around the world. Yet the benefits are only accessible to early investors.

In particular, it’s only available to investors who have fronted the largest donations. In time, BaaS will expand into common use.

2. Blockchain Applications

The widespread usage of BaaS creates a diverse range of blockchain-driven applications. This is useful for buyers and businesses alike.

There is a range of uses for this. For example, it could allow consumers to verify source materials for purchases.

Or it could help manufacturers track transactions from raw material suppliers. Blockchain applications can expect growth in 2019. Mobile app devs are attempting to build applications integrating Blockchain.

3. Boosting Privacy

Privacy is no longer an issue that remains limited to web development. Algorithms on secure blockchain networks are good enough to ensure privacy. But there are particular threats on open networks that may concern the public.

Algorithms like Proof of Stake can cause blockchain networks to be ineffective sometimes. We can look forward to developments that will further secure Blockchain.

4. Companies Getting into Blockchain

Decentralization, transparency, and distribution of data are crucial for many industries. These use cases are being considered and even leveraged by some businesses.

Blockchain technology can offer and track investments across a range of asset classes. These are typically reserved for institutional investors and the wealthy.

Tokenization lowers the bar to access for investment in property. This allows extra liquid trading of high-value possessions. In turn, more folks can get involved.

Regulation is necessary before investment opportunities are safe enough for everyday buyers. And as we’ve seen during the last year, this certainly seems to be the trend.

Industries adopting Blockchain development service include banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. Cryptocurrency values may have dropped during 2018, mainly because of speculation behind such technology being revealed.

The financial services will now likely benefit from the emergence of such tech, so much so that it appears they are on the frontier of new developments.

5. Government Sectors Using Blockchain

Governments worldwide have a crucial use case with the blockchain concept. This is to enable identification of men and women digitally via a public network.

Personal data is guaranteed, immutable, and transactions see-through.

This is among the most significant areas that the blockchain technology will disrupt.

During the past, there have been cases of rigging during elections. The blockchain technology can be implemented during voter registration and identification verification.

This makes voter counts more precise, transparent, and accountable. Cases of election rigging will be history. This means elections will be fairer and democratic. The blockchain voting system will eradicate voting fraud.

Finally, there will be unbiased and concrete election results.

6. Blockchain Can Support Artists and Ownership of Work

Personal identification through Blockchain may be more significant than government purposes.

Many private companies are hiring full stack developers to create applications for Blockchain. Blockchain networks can web host portfolios of people.

This would give them exclusive ownership to their projects. It could open the latest arenas for artists, musicians, and many creatives. This can safeguard products that might be distributed or exchanged.

7. Blockchain Will Speed up AI

There is excellent progress in the field of AI using Blockchain. Most commonly, this in the subsets of machine learning and deep learning.

Software programs can process vast amounts of info. They can also execute long chains of operations.

When used with a network for smart contracts, Blockchain is more efficient with AI. We’ll very likely see AI being employed in blockchain networks soon enough.

8. Wall Street Transitioning Taking Action

Crypto prices fell in 2018. This didn’t stop the financial industry delving into Blockchain, however.

NASDAQ and the NYSE intend to start Bitcoin futures. There is a good reason to believe 2019 will be the year of exciting developments in the Blockchain space.

9. Blockchain Jobs Will Rise

In spite of 2018’s events, Blockchain-related careers grew throughout the year. As reported by CNBC, the salaries of Blockchain engineers skyrocketed.

This means they now have one of the highest salaries in the software development niche.

Upwork also had a 35,000% uptick in the amount of Blockchain freelancers contracting.

10. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining companies face soaring competition, mounting environmental concerns, and ever-declining demand.

Mining corporations are adjusting to declining speculation. They are testing different sectors and developing new mechanisms to eliminate mining rigs.

The Importance of Blockchain Trends

The blockchain technology isn’t only about digital currencies. It touches on different industries and uses. These all aim to create faster, more secure, and more cost-effective businesses. Hundreds of other sectors will be revolutionized soon also.

Storing data in the modern day has become hard. The many cases of data breaches have left most people with limited options about how to secure data.

Blockchain presents a secure technique to keep, verify, and encrypt data.

It gives a decentralized method of storing info in the cloud that’s near unhackable. Companies won’t struggle with problems related to and associated with data hacking.

Upcoming blockchain trends will help amazing new technologies to emerge. We’re always keen to stay on top of these.

Join us for more news and related developments on Blockchain.


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